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Message of the Day from Rev. Tim | Online Sunday worship service

FCC Governing Board Meeting

September 14, 2020 – 6:30 PM

At the meeting of the Executive Committee on Thursday, August 27, it was decided to call a Governing Board Meeting for Monday, September 14, 2020.

The meeting will be held at the church at 6:30 pm, with provision for electronic participation for those who are not comfortable or who are unable to attend in person.

In addition to the usual business of receiving Department and Committee reports, we expect to address the following items:

    – the President’s slate of appointments to the Finance and Personnel Committees;

    – the call for a Congregational Meeting to be held outdoors on Sunday, September 27;

    – consideration of a spending plan to be presented to the Congregation at that meeting;

    – the adoption of the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm as our regularly scheduled Governing Board Meeting, beginning in October.

Here is the August 2020 Treasurer’s Report