Welcome to First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ of Muskegon. Whether you are first time visitors or old friends, we are glad for your presence.

Every part of that long name says something important about us. As the First Congregational Church of Muskegon, we are indeed among the oldest congregations in Muskegon. We trace our history back to the early days of this community, when Muskegon was still a pioneer settlement and folks picked their way among the tree stumps as they made their way to worship.

As a Congregational Church we believe to the core of our being that it is the people of the congregation, the followers of Christ gathered together who ARE the church. We are descended from Separatists and Nonconformists who travelled as Pilgrims from England to the Netherlands and the New World in search of religious freedom. Enshrined in our By-Laws is a statement that highlights the right of every member to study and interpret the Scriptures and the duty to respect the considered opinions of others.

For decades we have been concerned about the welfare of this community, providing leadership in healthcare, and senior housing, and social justice issues. Most Sundays our bulletin cover reminds us that much is expected from those to whom much has been given. Our worship is traditional but our thinking is progressive.

As a part of the United Church of Christ, we believe that God is still speaking, and that the Church is called to be inclusive of all people. We strive to take seriously the idea that no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. And we strive as well to live into Christ’s prayer for his disciples that they may all be one.

I hope to see YOU in Church!

Grace and peace,
Rev. Tim